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Hi, I’m Daniela!

I am a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide, and Energy Therapist. I am passionate about teaching and supporting you to connect with your true self and open the door to your full potential.

I help you unlock your spiritual superpower, conquer fear and limiting beliefs, and trust that you are the creator of your life and CAN create abundance, love, happiness, and success!

My mission is to inspire, empower and support you live from your heart, transform and create the life you have always dreamed of!

I can help you to…

  • Remember who you are, why are you here, and what is your purpose 
  • Learn how to live from your Heart, practice self-love, forgiveness and acceptance
  • Learn techniques to heal, reduce stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed 
  • Discover your innate power, release fear, worry and limiting beliefs
  • Create peace, clarity, balance, joy, happiness and abundance in your life
  • Transform and grow on your soul journey, build a deeper connection with the Universe, the Divine Source

And I can offer…

  • Personal and Spiritual Development Courses and Programs
  • Spiritual Healing and Mentoring Sessions
  • Energy Healing Sessions and Courses  
  • Light Codes Healing Mists
  • Support and inspiration on my Facebook Page, Instagram & YouTube channel

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What people say about Daniela

“Daniela has quiet, calm stillness about her that inspires others to walk their path and be the best of who they can be. She is knowledgeable and kind without ego, and leads by example. I highly recommend Daniela as a Spiritual leader in her community and the world is a better place with her in it. Namasté ???”


NSW - Australia

“Daniela, thank you for such a beautiful session today. I learned SO much and feel more positive and less confused. And my chest, which has ached for one year, actually stopped hurting when we did the meditation. You are so supportive and intuitive, you have truly given me a gift. xoxo”


Washington - USA

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