2023 brings spiritual awakening, freedom, hope, and the return to our true nature. It is a year of Light!

I call it this way because, after three challenging years, we finally made it to the Light. The darkness has lost its power. It happened during the December Solstice, and you probably felt a massive influx of Light energy from the Source. It might have affected you on different levels, and hopefully, you are starting to feel much lighter, peaceful, relaxed, and in the flow.

2023 is the year of Ascension, Rebirth, and the beginning of the Global Restoration. More people have the desire to create a better world. More people are awakening, seeking the truth, and reconnecting to God.

Why is this happening now?

Because the Light has won, we can now connect easily with the Source if we wish. We are spiritually guided and supported by the divine consciousness to do the inner work and embrace all aspects of ourselves: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. We are shown how to let go of old programs built on ego, fear, worry, and suffering. It was darkness’s way to survive by controlling us and using our energy and power.

We can now begin restoring our lives and create a new reality, the one we dreamt of. We don’t need to wait for a saviour or someone else to change our lives and bring us whatever we want. We are in charge of our life. We are the creators and can take action to create a better life. We have the power. We are rebirthing into something more extraordinary by returning to the truth of who we truly are.

The desire for a better world will be strong in 2023.

People crave community and are willing to connect with others in person. 2023 is a year of building communities based on respect, cooperation, kindness, and compassion. People want to feel safe and secure and live in peace, love, and freedom. People want to be seen and heard, to feel genuine care and support.

Connection is something that everyone wants. Let’s create space for it, and learn to accept, compromise, and have more compassion.

Do you have the desire to connect and be part of a like-minded community? Be a community builder, look for opportunities to bring people together, offer support and be of service with an open heart.

When people feel supported, they are willing to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences and be part of creating a better world. The collective consciousness is rising, and people have a better understanding of living in unity, as one divine consciousness, without fear. They have the same intention to live in a healthy environment, have a roof over their head if they wish, have food on the table, have good health, have freedom, and enjoy life.

The future is not about building businesses, getting more money, and having materialistic possession. The future belongs to communities where people live in harmony, care about each other, heal naturally, grow their food, use technology wisely for the benefit of everyone, produce environmentally friendly goods, learn natural ways of living, teach children life skills, are innovative and visionary. A new community where no one is better than anyone else. Everyone is equal and deserves to be happy.

Can you imagine a world without fear? Where no one experiences poverty, inequality, greed, corruption, competition, control, human trafficking, exploitation, aggression, and so many crises.

It is exciting to know that global restoration starts in 2023. We will see more people worldwide getting together to restore our planet. peace, love, harmony, and unity are returning to Earth, and there is great hope for a better world.

PS – I am part of C.A.R.E. (Centre of Amity and Restoration of Earth), a global initiative founded by Kim Goguen to restore the vitality of the planet and its inhabitants. I am happy to share the work and projects we are involved in, so please reach out if you want to learn or get involved.

******Daniela is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide and the founder of Heart and Soul Expansion an exquisite spiritual healing solution. She runs regular online and in-person courses on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being of service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world. Visit Daniela’s Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/danielagodfreymentor/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/daniela__godfrey/