Who am I?

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Energy Therapist, the founder of HOLISTIC THERAPIES GOLD COAST and HEART AND SOUL EXPANSION signature brand. I love to inspire and empower you to discover your innate power, take control of your life, transform and create better health, peace, balance, joy and abundance!

One of my spiritual mentors found my spirit name which is ‘Arleeya Mii’ and it means Teacher of Wisdom, Gateway of the Heart. I love my spirit name and always enjoyed teaching and helping people on their spiritual journey, and this comes from my heart.

I worked in corporate environment as a Civil Engineer for three decades and left to follow my passion for Spirituality.

Growing up in Europe, I was exposed to Spirituality through my orthodox upbringing. My true spiritual awakening started when I broke my ankle and had four surgeries over twelve months. An energy healer helped me with my recovery and this triggered my interest in learning more about the universal energy and the power to heal.

I knew that we are more than a physical body and there is a higher consciousness, an amazing intelligence that orchestrates everything in the Universe. So I began to look deeper into my life, and asked myself ‘Who I am’ and ‘Why I am here’.

I started to walk on the path of awakening to my true self and discovering my innate power, my intuition which was coming from my heart. I learnt that my intuition is me talking to the Universe and the Universe talking back, and also that our lives improve profoundly when we open to this divine conversation.

I became passionate about natural ways of healing and learnt many energy healing modalities, including Reiki,  Pellowah, Rahanni, Reconnective Healing, Arbah, Past Life Assimilation, etc. Reiki was my first love and a catalyst for my spiritual awakening. I help people with healing, train them in Reiki and Pellowah energy healing and support them to become practitioners of these modalities.

I have three Reiki Masterships and hold a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and an Intuitive Guide Certification.

I offer Spiritual and Energy Healing, Personal and Spiritual Development courses, programs, and mentoring sessions, where I teach you how to overcome fear and limiting beliefs, heal, and raise your energy levels and consciousness. I also offer occasional energy healing training courses. My Light Codes Healing Mists support you with healing, fast awakening, and ascension.

I love being of service and supporting you on your journey of self-discovery, healing, transformation and growth. I teach, inspire and empower you to remember who you are, live from your heart, expand your soul and create the life you desire. It is such a privilege to witness your transformation!