Reiki & Pellowah Energy Healing Courses

   Reiki Healing Courses

Komyo ReikiDo is a traditional Japanese method developed by Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, Buddhist Monk from Kyoto/Japan and an international Reiki teacher. It is based on Usui Mikao Sensei and Hayashi Chujiro Sensei teachings. The method is simple and has the goal to cultivate absolute inner peace, known as “Ashin Ritsumei” or “Satori”. Students are encouraged to keep their practices simple, develop themselves through the use of the precepts and seek the calm and peacefulness that arises when transcending the world of opposites. The motto is: “Place your hands”, “Surrender” and “Smile”.

There are four levels in Komyo ReikiDo system: Shoden (1st level), Chuden (2nd level), Okuden (3rd level), Shinpiden (4th Teacher/Shihan)

Level 1 SHODEN – The student will gain basic knowledge about Reiki history and Reiki Ryoho (hands-on healing art) and will be initiated into Reiki by means of “Reiju” or attunement. After receiving the attunements, the student will be able to channel Reiki energy and from this time on the Reiki energy will flow out through the hands and perform healing. Shoden class is taught in one session, class duration: one day. Receive four Reiju (attunements)

Cost: $400 AUD


LEVEL 2  CHUDEN – The student will learn three Shirushi (Reiki symbols). With the use of these symbols, Reiki healing will become more practical and beneficial. The student will also learn how to perform “distant healing”. Chuden class is taught in one session; class duration: one day. Receive four Reiju (attunements).

Class Prerequisite: Certification in Komyo ReikiDo Shoden (Level 1). RA minimum practice period of 6 to 12 weeks between Shoden and Chuden levels. At this level, the student will embark on the inner teaching of Reiki Ryoho, with the focus on spiritual learning and growth. The student will learn one more final Shirushi (Reiki symbol). Okuden is intended for those who would like to walk on a spiritual path of Reiki Ryoho to attain Satori (enlightenment) and/or for a Teacher (Shihan) candidate.

Cost: $ 450 AUD


LEVEL 3 OKUDEN –  Okuden class is taught in one session (class duration: one day) – it is recommended the student takes a refresher course. Receive two Reiju (attunements).

Class Prerequisite: Certification in Komyo ReikiDo Chuden (Level 2). A minimum practice period of 6 months between Chuden and Okuden levels. Complete a demonstrative and written test including drawing the shirushi and listing their jumon, definitions and uses from memory

Cost: $500 AUD


LEVEL 4 SHINPINDEN – Shinpiden or ‘Mystery Teachings’, is the Teacher Level. It is known in the West as the Master, or sometimes Master/Teacher Level/Degree. After training is completed, the student has the knowledge and experience necessary to teach all four degrees and give Reiju (attunements) and training in all levels. No Reiju is given to the student for this level. The course is taught over two days

Class Prerequisites: Certification in Komyo ReikiDo Okuden (Level3). A period of minimum of one year between Okuden and Shinpinden levels. Complete a demonstrative and written test including drawing all four shirushi and listing their jumon, definition and usage from memory. 

NOTE: There are additional criteria for becoming a Teacher (Shihan), please make inquire

Cost: $750 AUD

   Pellowah Healing Courses

Pellowah Healing Technique is a simple, powerful and effective way to bring positive change into life and to increase spiritual awareness. The person learning Pellowah experiences a new perspective, an attitudinal shift that allows making higher and better choices. Most people who learn the Pellowah Healing Technique, do so for their own spiritual development.

There are 3 levels in Pellowah Healing Technique: Level 1 (Practitioner training), Level 2 (Expansion of consciousness) and Level 3 (Teacher Trainer – taught by Kachina Ma’an).


The student receives an Attunement that will increase the awareness and enables to make higher and better choices with more certainty. Pellowah creates a feeling of inner strength and well-being that lasts and in fact gets stronger as time goes by. After the Attunement, the student can become a practitioner of this amazing form of energy work. A practitioner of Pellowah technique is able to give treatments to clients, friends, family as well as animals. Class duration: one day. Certificate and Manual included.

Cost: $400 AUD



This is a spiritual workshop for personal growth and expansion. The student receives an Attunement that enables him/her to connect with their ‘higher self’ (part). With this connection, the student can then bring that higher energy and consciousness into everyday life. The student will begin to take the necessary steps to fulfil their goals with much more energy, enthusiasm and purpose. In Level two workshop the student will learn and work with the 7 Pellowah Symbols.  Class duration: one day. Certificate and Manual included.

Cost: $400 AUD



Level 1 and Level 2 Pellowah combined workshops can be done as a complete unit over the weekend. Level 1 is the practitioner training and Level 2 is the expansion of consciousness workshop. There are a series of Attunements, practice with healings and distance healings, symbol work, meditations and an introduction to the Merkabah.  Certificates and Manuals included.

Cost: $750 AUD for the two courses together

Note: All Pellowah courses include registration as a Pellowah practitioner with Kachina Ma’an, the founder of Pellowah.