What is ‘Heart and Soul Expansion’?

If you are ready to embark on profound spiritual healing and transformation and be guided and supported on your journey, Heart Soul Expansion Membership is for you. It is an online monthly membership, a space to heal, learn, transform and go deeper on your spiritual journey. 

It is a platform to support you to remember your true self, your innate power, and expand your Heart & Soul. You are inspired and empowered to change, transform and create the life you have always dreamed of. You learn how to remove fear and limiting beliefs, raise vibration, expand consciousness, and much more.

Most of the teachings, meditations and activations I share in this membership, come from beloved Goddess Isis, ancient Egypt and from other sacred sites with which I am connected. Goddess Isis is one of my main guides and I receive constant guidance and downloads from her. It is an honor and privilege to support you on the path of self-discovery and teach you tools and sacred ancient practices to heal, build inner strength, become fearless, increase intuition and the connection with the Divine Source.

You learn how to deal with fear and become stronger, confident and empowered. You remember that you are an eternal soul and limitless consciousness creating your entire reality with your own belief systems and emotional responses. You are the creator of your life and CAN create peace, love, joy, and abundance!     


So what do we do?

Monthly  spiritual teaching sessions (recorded presentations), meditations, workbooks, spiritual development tools and practices 

We cover topics related to Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticism,  Ancient Sacred Wisdom, and much more… you will learn how to:

Deal with fear and limiting beliefs

Integrate Energy Medicine and Self Healing practices 

Tap into our Spiritual superpower, your heart’s intelligence and receive guidance

Align and expand your Heart and Soul

Connect with your Higher Self, your Guides and your Star family

Anything else that you wish to learn (your suggestion)

Monthly live 60 minutes Q & A session (on Zoom)

These sessions are designed to share experiences, ask questions and learn from each other

Also includes the occasional special guest!

Are you ready to do the work, learn, and be supported to change and transform? 

Join the Heart and Soul Expansion Mastermind, be supported, inspired and empowered! Learn and expand your Heart and Soul wisdom and consciousness, heal, be guided on your spiritual path, connect with like-minded souls, share knowledge and experiences, and be ready to support others on their journey of awakening and healing.

BONUS – receive 10% off on all my products, including 1:1 sessions, courses, meditations and essences

How does it work?

Spiritual teaching sessions, meditations and materials are released at the beginning of the month and you receive an email notification.

The videos are stored under the membership portal (on this website) and you can access them at your own pace.

Q&A live sessions are scheduled mid-month and you receive a notification with the date & time.

You can participate on the Zoom call if you are available, be engaged or just be there, observe and learn. The sessions are recorded and emailed to you after the live calls.

We currently have a Private Facebook Group where you can connect with each other, ask questions and share experiences. A Private Community Forum is under development on the membership portal and will be made available to the members.

Once you register for the membership, you have access to all previous video recordings and the material stored under the portal.


Heart & Soul Expansion Membership: $22 AUD per month – cancel anytime

Once the payment is processed, you receive an email with the login details to access the membership portal on this website.

Heart & Soul Expansion Membership

VIP Investment

Upgrade to ‘Voxer VIP’ for 1:1 support. With Voxer VIP you can contact me anytime via audio message (daily if you want), and I support and guide you between the sessions. 

Voxer VIP 1:1 $122 AUD per month – cancel anytime

Please contact Daniela if you have any enquiry: [email protected] or 0421 337 583