Are you looking for a personal mentor

to support you on your spiritual journey?


If you ready to embark into a profound healing and self discovery program, to remember who you are and why are you here, this program if for you. Heart Soul Expansion is a life changing mentoring program to support you on your spiritual journey, to heal and rediscover your true self, your innate power and to reconnect and realign with your heart & soul. To empower you to change, transform and create the life you always dreamed of.

What is ‘Heart Soul Expansion Mentoring Program’?


Heart Soul Expansion is a 4 weeks ‘one on one’ accelerated spiritual mentoring program for everyone eager to go deeper on their spiritual journey, to transform and create the life they always dreamed of. The program supports healing and spiritual growth, rediscovering your true self, your innate power, reconnecting and realigning with your heart & soul and expanding in abundance, success, love, happiness and wellbeing.

A 4 week program consisting of  8 x 90 minute of powerful healing and inspiring spiritual development sessions. The first session is the Intuitive Intelligence Method followed up by 7 sessions where I will guide you through your path of discovering who you truly are. You will learn tools and sacred practices to build inner strength, become fearless, increase your intuition and your connection with the Divine Source.

When using these tools, you meet and conquer fear and become stronger and empowered, recognising that you are limitless consciousness creating your entire reality with your own belief systems and emotional responses. You are the creator of your life and CAN create abundance, love and success!  

Some of the topics we cover in the program


  • Removing limiting beliefs, fear and programming
  • Understanding your intuition and the innate power
  • Heart Soul alignment
  • Energy Medicine and self healing practices
  • Rising vibration and building inner strength with energy field
  • Healing with self love, radical acceptance and forgiveness
  • Uncovering past lives that are holding you back from your highest potential
  • Shadow and sacred archetypes present in your life
  • Finding your true purpose, connecting with your heart & soul and creating a meaningful life full of love, freedom and abundance.
  • Connecting with your Higher Self and Spirit guides, trusting the guidance you receive and live in an constant open communication to bring peace and balance in your life


8 x 90 minutes 1:1 sessions (in person or on Zoom over 4 weeks with 2 sessions/week). First session is the Intuitive Intelligence Method plus seven ‘follow up’ spiritual development sessions.

Valued @ $1,760 AUD

Paid in full $1,500 AUD

Payment plan: 2 payments of $880 or 3 payments of $590

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NOTE: The program is delivered in person or online via Zoom.

It consists of 2 weekly of 90 minutes sessions with a total of 8 sessions over 4 weeks

All sessions are recorded