Are you ready to do the inner work and transform your life? 

Join the Heart and Soul Expansion Program and be inspired and empowered to change and create a better life! Go deeper on your spiritual journey, rediscover your innate power, heal, and learn ways to expand your Heart, your Soul’s wisdom, and your Consciousness.

What is included in the Program?

10 Modules filled with spiritual teaching, meditations, workbooks, spiritual development tools and practices 

The topics are related to Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticism, Ancient Sacred Wisdom, and much more… You will learn how to:

Deal with fear and limiting beliefs

Integrate Energy Medicine and Self Healing practices 

Tap into our Spiritual superpower, your heart’s intelligence and receive guidance

Align and expand your Heart and Soul

Connect with your Higher Self, your Guides and your Star family

Raise your Consciousness and create your new reality

and more…

All teaching sessions, meditations and materials are pre-recorded.

The videos are stored under the program portal (on this website), and you can access them at your own pace.

NOTE: These modules were offered as part of the monthly Heart & Soul Expansion Membership (currently on hold) and designed to heal and help you evolve spiritually.


Heart & Soul Expansion Program: $222 AUD 

Once the payment is processed, you receive an email with the login details to access the program on this website.

Heart & Soul Expansion Membership

Please contact Daniela if you have any enquiry: or 0421 337 583