I am a Heart Teacher

I believe everyone is a teacher and we all have gifts to share. Sometimes one gift is more prominent and it can be the driver of our life. It comes from our knowledge, experience and innate wisdom and we feel the yearning to share with others.

After experiencing a big challenge in 2010, something triggered a strong desire to go deeper into Spirituality.  It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening!

I delved deeper into spirituality by reading spiritual books and through various development courses.  I opened a holistic therapy business based on energy healing and continued with my studies.  I completed three Reiki Masterships with renown international teachers and also Pellowah Teacher level and started to teach these two energy healing modalities.

One of my spiritual mentors found my spirit name which is Arleeya Mii.  It means Teacher or Wisdom, Gateway of the Heart.  I always knew I had a passion for teaching and helping people on their spiritual journey, and it came from my heart. I also knew I needed to learn more myself, to go deeper on my spiritual path and learn new ways to further expand my consciousness and be of service.

Something deeper was calling me, the desire to become an Intuitive Guide! So I enrolled in Dr Ricci-Jane Adams’ Institute for Intuitive Intelligence 12 month ‘Third Level Training’. This course gave me the knowledge I needed to understand the essence of life, how to live continuously from my heart and be guided by my intuition.

I loved these learnings and wanted to share them with others, to teach intuition, the innate power we all have. Later, I attended the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Teacher Training Program and certified as a Teacher of the Intuitive Intelligence Initiate Program.

All the learnings I’ve had so far helped me to go deeper into my inner knowing. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘remembering’ how to work as a spiritual teacher.  I believe I’ve done teaching in a previous life.

Now I always connect with my heart and allow the intuitive intelligence, my spiritual superpower to guide me. And the best ways to support my clients are coming to me.

I offer powerful tools and practices for healing, growth and transformation.  I teach others how to love and trust themselves, to know that are pure unlimited consciousness, are God and have never been separated.  I bring awareness to the spiritual heart, the only way to move from fear to love and into spiritual freedom.

I continue to learn and expand my knowledge and I am always a teacher and a student. I learn from other spiritual teachers and like-minded souls. There is so more to learn from the Infinite Intelligence that is outside us and within us.  This learning will never end.

I truly believe there is a strong need now to support others on their personal and spiritual development. Change and transformation is happening right now on the planet. Humanity is evolving and embarking into a new paradigm and many souls are looking for guidance and support.

Spiritual teachers are the wayshowers, the change makers for this new paradigm. They have a responsibility to show others the way to return to their true essence which is love and to bring unity, peace, freedom and harmony in the world.

My life changed so much since I’ve completed Dr Ricci-Jane Adams’ Institute for Intuitive Intelligence programs.  I am clear in my purpose and feel privileged to do this work.  I have a special mission to teach as many people I can about spirituality, connection with God/Universe, intuition and the power that sits within their heart.  And to teach this from my heart.

I am a Heart Teacher.

This blog was published in the “Spiritually Fierce’ magazine, issue no #6, July 2020.

***Daniela is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Intuitive Intelligence Teacher, Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. She runs regular courses and workshops on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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