What is the work of an Intuitive Guide?


The work of an Intuitive Guide is to support people to meet and release fear through a process of lovingly guiding them back to their own power. An Intuitive Guide combines ancient and current wisdom and creates a framework to hold the highest vibration for clients to move from out of their fear and into love.

During the Intuitive Guidance session, I will use my intuition non-locally to receive the information, to support and hold space for you to move away from fear and into love, and to connect with your innate power. You will discover your true self and open to infinite possibility, where there is no limit to the amount of joy, peace and success you can experience!


Intuitive Guidance Level 1


75 minutes @ $150 AUD

The energy in our energetic body can have a strong impact on how we feel, think, and behave in our life. Our energy centres (chakras) are interactive and rely on each other to work. Most of the time because of fear and limiting beliefs, negative energy is accumulated in these centres and builds up blockages. this stagnant energy keeps us feeling stuck, uncertain and unmotivated in our life. 

This is an introductory session where I use my intuitive guidance to evaluate your current energy. I will identify energy blockages within your energy system and release them with spiritual techniques and practices. You will feel lighter, brighter, calmer, balanced and grounded.

NOTE: The session is delivered online using Zoom (link provided when booking the session)

Intuitive Guidance Level 2


90 minutes @ $200 AUD

I will guide you to identify the negative self-beliefs and fears that have been holding you back. It could be from this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

We will go through different processes of meeting these limiting beliefs and fear and recognise what part of them are impacting your current life.

Then we will use meditations, activations, and other practices to clear your fear and reconnect you to the potential of your unlimited self. 

NOTE: The session is delivered online using Zoom (link provided when booking the session)


90 minutes @ $175 AUD

3 Sessions Package


$475 AUD 

This package includes the Intuitive Guidance Level 1, Level 2 and a follow up session. These sessions will give you an opportunity to go deeper on your spiritual journey and learn simple ways to change, transform and create a better life. I will hold space for you and support you to rediscover your true self and your innate power. The 3 sessions will bring peace, clarity, balance and trust in your life.

NOTE: The sessions are delivered online using Zoom (link provided when booking the session)