HEART AND SOUL EXPANSION ESSENCES are gifts of self-love, honouring our divinity and helping us to remember who we are. They connect us with our Heart and Soul and show us the way back home to our spiritual wisdom and truth.

The Essences/Mists are infused with Light Codes Energy from angelic and benevolent spiritual beings of love and light, located in a faraway and unknown yet Galaxy. They want to support humanity to awaken fast, heal and remember their divine essence.

Each mist has a unique Symbol representing specific Light Code, has an Angelic name, and a meaning. The Light Code energy in each essence can bring fast awakening and profound healing that feeds the body, mind and spirit.

Our human form is limited to what the eyes can see, and we haven’t been taught about our multidimensionality and our divinity. We need to do the work of remembering who we are, to heal and raise our consciousness. It is time to shine our light and bring peace, love and compassion into the world. This is done through our divine Heart and eternal Soul. When we bypass the human reasoning mind and drop into our Heart, we open the channel to divine communication and healing.

Our Heart is the receiver of vibrational energies of the higher dimensional Divine Consciousness. Our Soul is a multidimensional consciousness and expands based on our vibration. Heart & Soul Expansion Essences/Mists help us to bring the Heart and Soul together, awaken and expand our light in unity with Higher Self and the Divine Source.

Light is the language of the Soul, and Light Codes are energy patterns/symbolic transmissions from the Divine Source, filled with healing energy. Light Codes are activated when we meditate on the symbols or visualize anchoring them into our Heart, traveling through the body, the auric field, and connecting with our Soul. They assist with healing, awakening, ascension and DNA activation.

Heart & Soul Expansion Essences/Mists

Alcohol-free mists made with ‘Yaru’ Sacred Water from Wollumbin (Mt Warning indigenous sacred site, Australia), infused with Light Codes Energy received from angelic and benevolent spiritual beings of love and light from a far away and unknown yet Galaxy. Each mist has a unique Symbol representing specific Light Codes, has an Angelic name, and a meaning.  The mists are mixed with essential oil blends.

Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Non-toxic. Sustainable.

Support fast Awakening, Ascension and Healing

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