We are entering 2022 and I am sharing my reflection on where we are now and what I feel this year will bring. The last couple of years were tough and brought many changes and challenges in everyone’s lives.

2021 was represented by the number ‘5’ in numerology and was a year of dissolving and dismantling structures, generating lots of changes, and bringing in confusion. Although I believe it also gave us the opportunity to do more inner work.

2022 is represented by the number ‘6’ and has the quality of rebuilding, restoring and renewal. It is a number of the Heart and embodies unconditional love and the ability to nurture, integrate and heal.

Also ‘6’ is the number ruled by Venus, and the love energy is vibrating high this year. 

It is about bringing more love for ourselves and others, by taking responsibility, healing difficult relationships, repairing damages that we intentionally or unintentionally created, and bringing harmony and balance in our lives.

Love heals us and heals the world. 

We experienced issues and situations which brought much fear and division. They taught us to go inwards, cleanse and let go of what doesn’t serve us. Also, to look deeper within ourselves and find our authentic part.

The division and fragmentation that has been imposed on us are an expression of the current human collective consciousness, which is based on fear. We need to break free from this illusion of fear and separation and remember that we are part of the infinite consciousness and have the power to change the reality we are in.

These tough situations and events have been driven by powerful structures such as politics with different agendas, mainly based on power, control and fear.  We know this because we feel in your heart and are aware of the lower energies these structures have created. Our innate ‘knowing’ started to awaken and we are more receptive to the guidance we receive through the heart.

So the frequency of love that vibrates high in 2022 allows us to heal, progress in this human journey, and live a heart centred life. Love guides us to go inwards and reconnect with our sovereignty, our birthright and to remember our soul purpose.

We are much wiser now.

I have faith that 2022 will bring us closer together because more people are awakening, connecting with their innate wisdom and starting to integrate the energies of unconditional love. We are remembering our divine essence, and why we are here on planet Earth, particularly in these unprecedented times.

We know are meant to live a meaningful life, in freedom, peace, harmony and unity.

By bringing more love in our hearts, we are expanding in love and creating opportunities for others to experience love, heal and adapt to this divine high-frequency energy.

I believe 2022 will bring more connections between us, create more communities and more collaboration. People are happy to live together, learn, evolve and create the reality they wish to live in, not from a place of fear and separation, but a place of love and unity.

Number ‘6’ helps us rebuild our lives and to see the beauty around us. This world is beautiful, it is our home, so let’s make it a better place.

Opportunities are waiting for us in 2022 and we can embrace them and create a new reality if we have more compassion, kindness and acceptance. If we spend more time in stillness and solitude, and intentionally connect with our divine heart, be true to ourselves, live with authenticity, and embody love and joy in our lives and into the world.


******Daniela is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide and the founder of Heart and Soul Expansion® and exquisite spiritual healing solution. She runs regular online and in-person courses on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love, and compassion into the world.

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