Spiritual Mentoring


Learn how to deal with challenges, feelings and emotions



One Session


75 minutes session @ $225 AUD

You may feel overwhelmed by life and not knowing how to cope and what you need to do. Or you are looking for someone to guide you in a safe and sacred way, which is non-religious and non-denominational. Perhaps you feel that you need to change and transform and don’t know where to start or how. As a spiritual mentor, I support you to move out from fear and into peace, love and harmony.

I also offer mentoring to everyone who is awakening to the truth of who they are, and wishes to increase their connection with Spirit, Source, Universe, to find their true purpose and move towards fulfilling their life and mission.

This is a 75 minutes session that can be booked anytime you need support. It is a spiritual mentoring and counselling session, where we discuss issues or challenges you have that need to be looked at, cleared and resolved with support, guidance and spiritual tools and practices. We go through few spiritual practices together that you can learn and continue the work in your own time. After the session, you will feel calmer, empowered and have more strength and confidence in you and your life. 

3 Session Package


Paid in full $600 AUD 

Personalised sessions based on your need for growth and spiritual development. It will support you to go deeper on your spiritual journey and learn practical tools to change, grow, transform and create the life you wish.


1:1 Self Mastery

1:1 SELF MASTERY MENTORING – monthly support

With 1:1 Self Mastery Mentoring you get one private sessions per month plus Voxer VIP support. With Voxer VIP you can contact me anytime via audio message (daily if you want) and I support and guide you between the sessions

1:1 Self Mastery Mentoring with Voxer support  $388 AUD per month – cancel anytime 

PLEASE NOTE: The sessions are delivered online using Zoom (link provided under booking)

DISCLAIMER: I provide spiritual mentoring and counselling. I am not a therapist and not a substitute for the medical and psychological services. Please consult with you medical provider for any psychological issues.