What people say…


“I took part in Daniela’s 7 weeks intuitive intelligence program and absolutely loved it. Every lesson was so uplifting and the topics were very aligned with the knowledge I am seeking. During this online course, we dwelled into many interesting and thought provoking topics and we were also provided with tons of very useful resources. I am so grateful for all the knowledge I’ve received during these 7 weeks and Daniela was an absolute fantastic teacher” 

Crina K - Canada


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Daniela for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with me in her intuitive intelligence course. Over the 7 weeks Daniela shared so much invaluable information which has already made a huge positive impact on my life! I would highly recommend”

Emma T - Gold Coast, Australia


 Daniela’s workshop was brilliant. I learnt so many skills that I can use daily to help me live an intutively intelligent life. I knew I would find what I was looking for here. Can highly recommend this course”  

Lynne R - Gold Coast, Australia


Daniela is a beautiful soul and enlightening mentor and guide. I have just completed the 7 week Initiate Program, in the intuitive intelligence method with Daniela and her magnetic energy and guidance just flowed with the teachings and learning’s of the course. With Daniela’s support and guidance, I feel transformed and embodied in my heart energy. Thank you Daniela!” 

Alex - Queensland, Australia


“Daniela really helped uplift me with her session today. Since I was rather lethargic and disconnected. Stuck in my own bubble a bit lately. But Daniela helped me move my energy from being stuck(in my base chakra) to the heart and I felt much, much lighter. Also I felt a larger connection to mother Earth and other people. Contact her anyone with any energy blockage issues, she will certainly pick up on them and remove them  

Michael T – Gold Coast, Australia


“Daniela has quiet, calm stillness about her that inspires others to walk their path and be the best of who they can be. She is knowledgeable and kind without ego, and leads by example.
I highly recommend Daniela as a Spiritual leader in her community and the world is a better place with her in it.
Namasté ???”

Carol - NSW, Australia

“I have been blessed to learn Pellowah 1 & 2 from Daniela as well as attending her Intuitive Intelligence Initiate Workshop. Daniela is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul ? she is passionate about energy therapy, passing on knowledge to others, and helping and supporting people through the journey of life. It is these qualities shine when attending one of her classes and make learning from her an absolute pleasure and an invaluable experience. Thank you so much ? I received so much more from you than just the skills and knowledge that are covered in the classes. ?”

Ilonka - Gold Coast, Australia


“Daniela, thank you for such a beautiful session today. I learned SO much and feel more positive and less confused. And my chest, which has ached for one year, actually stopped hurting when we did the meditation. You are so supportive and intuitive, you have truly given me a gift. xoxo

Kelly - USA


“Daniela’s session was spot on! So exactly what I needed to hear and an affirmation of exactly where I need to work, focus and strengthen. With an open heart and immense gratitude x thank you Daniela ❤️

Kristie - Melbourne, Australia


“I recommend Daniela to anyone who is wishing to heal evolve and grow as a human being, blessings Daniela. Thankyou for all your support during this Ascension process ❤??”

Victoria - Gold Coast, Australia


I’m Totally amazed!! I now feel such a strong sense of clarity and empowerment and that’s after just one session.Thank you Daniela you are awesome….”

Michelle - Gold Coast, Australia

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